East Coast Lifestyle


My friend recently brought to my attention that I am obsessed with East Coast Lifestyle and there have been no truer words… Rather than laughing about it and continuing our conversation, I decided to ramble about it online instead (#millennialproblems)…

Having spent the past two summers working throughout the East Coast, it’s easy to say that I miss it A LOT. So, when I came across this clothing company in Halifax two years ago, I thought it would be a simple purchase that would clearly show my love for Eastern Canada, and boy was I wrong. Instead it turned into a long list of purchases over the past couple of years including sweaters, tshirts, stickers, hats, and limited edition apparel (because Canada 150 duh!) 

It’s been really amazing to see how much the company has grown and continues to expand. I am in awe of entrepreneurs because I cannot imagine the work that goes into running a business, let alone a successful one! As a recent grad myself it is so inspiring to know that a student from Acadia (Alex MacLean) started this WHOLE THING. Like HOW? WHAT? TEACH ME YOUR WAYS!

Over the past few years I have travelled to many parts of Canada and one of my favourite aspects of travelling is bumping into other people at airports/gas stations/touristy spots wearing ECL too, because OBVIOUSLY this sparks a long conversation about how great people from Halifax are…etc.

It just blows my mind that this brand has evoked such a positive response among so many people, and I absolutely love that is sends such a good message and reps the best Canadian Coast (bold statement, I know)…

ECL Links:



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