5 Country Songs Stuck in my Head

5 country songs stuck in my head atmSo I am definitely guilty of having a repeat problem. Meaning, when I find songs that are new and I like them, I tend to listen to them on repeat for days at a time. I am going through a massive country phase at the moment and decided I would comprise a list of the 5 country songs that I am singing 24/7…

#1. All on Me – Devin Dawson In all honesty, when I first heard this song I thought it was Thomas Rhett (LOL)…Devin’s voice is amazing, and if you can listen to this song without dancing than good for you man, I can’t say the same. Did I mention his insta theme is black and white and so is mine? Are we meant to be? I think so…

#2. Sleep Without You – Brett Young Okay, I will admit I was like a year LATE to finding this song but oh my goodness, the lyrics are the sweetest thing and I’m pretty sure anyone would want someone to say this to them! Also Brett Young’s look is giving me major boy band vibes, and I’m all about it.

#3. How Not To – Dan + Shay I can confidently say I have been OBSESSED with this song since their album came out! (See what I did there?) This is one of those songs that gives you ALL THE FEELS, and I have to belt it out EVERY SINGLE TIME. I am such a lyrical person, and these words punch your heart and hug it at the same time (if that makes any sense…I am a couple wine glasses deep)…

#4. Craving You – Thomas Rhett feat. Maren Morris  This song is a DRIVING song, warning…keep both hands on the wheel because you will be air drumming in no time. I couldn’t mention Thomas Rhett earlier without including him on this list. Also, MAREN MORRIS is a total badass, and I feel like we could totally be friends…just saying.

#5. I Could Use a Love Song – Maren Morris One word, RELATABLE. Back to my obsession with lyrics, I absolutely appreciate and adore the writing on this one. Not to mention Maren writes all her songs… GIRL POWER.

What country songs are you obsessing over right now?!?! Let me know in the comments!


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