5 Reasons to See Bastille Live

Do yourself a favor, and get a pair of tickets to see Bastille in concert at their Wild Wild World Tour. Or better yet, just grab yourself a ticket and go alone…

I had the pleasure of seeing Bastille last week at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto and truly loved every minute of it! They are one of those bands that sound the same (if not better live) and here’s five reasons why you NEED to see them in concert:

#1) They are a British indie pop band. Obviously this scores them major points, we love British accents, so hearing this band speak is really just a blessing to our ears. (Thank me later)

#2) No seat is a bad seat. I was lucky enough to score some floor seats from my friend Jamie, and the lead singer Dan Smith pretty much ran around the entire venue. He weaved through the floor seats (yes he walked right beside me and I loved it), performed in the middle of the venue, in the stands on the right side of the stadium, and managed to walk up the left side too. I absolutely love when artists make use of their space, and make it a more intimate concert by allowing everybody to have a perfect view.

#3) The opening act is UNREAL. Okay, to be honest here we actually missed the opening act so we could go for dinner (food is always my #1 priority). However, I obviously felt obligated to look up the opening band and I was pleasantly surprised. Please check out Mondo Cozmo he is a modern version of Bob Dylan, and if you listen to his song “Shine,” i’m sure you’ll be singing along before it’s over. Fun fact: Mondo Cozmo also has a music video starring Anna Farris…which is weird but I kind of love it?

#4) If you’re a history junky, you’ll like a lot of Bastille’s references. For instance their band name, the songs Pompeii and Icarus (to name a few). They also reference a lot of current issues in media and the visuals they use to accompany their performances depict a pretty powerful message.

#5) They perform some pretty great covers. They’ve covered everything from the likes of Miley, TLC, Aerosmith, R.E.M, MO, Bruno Mars, Fleetwood Mac…etc. My favorite is their song “Of the Night” which is a ’90s cover of Corona’s Rhythm of the Night and Snap!’s “Rhythm is a Dancer.”

All in all, you should definitely see Bastille live, or at the very least listen to some of their songs. My favorites include: Flaws , Good Grief  and Four Walls.


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