Why I Chose To Study Sociology

        Well in total honesty, I didn’t originally apply to University with the hopes of majoring in Sociology. My original plan was Communication Studies, but after one year at Laurier I knew that program was not for me. I wasn’t feeling inspired or motivated and knew I was wasting a lot of time doing something I did not love, and that was definitely being reflected in my grades. With contemplation of dropping out, I was really struggling with trying to decide what path I should take. What would lead me to a job fastest? What would make me ‘successful?’

     Well, after much debate and seeking advice from my friends, I decided on Sociology and it changed my life FOREVER. (Yes that was a very dramatic sentence, but I stick by it!) This was a total game changer for me academically, because shortly after taking more Sociology classes, I realized I was actually learning about material I am passionate about. So you might be asking what specifically I loved about Sociology, and I’ve comprised a short list summarizing my favourite aspects…

#1) You will develop a greater understanding for people as a whole.

     This is probably the most obvious reason for studying sociology, but it is definitely the greatest. It is so humbling to learn from people with completely different life experiences, and hearing their perspectives. Sociology allows you to deepen your appreciation for diversity in all aspects of life. If anything, it makes you realize how complex and intricate humanity really is, and I absolutely love that.

#2) You will learn how to critically think (it might even begin to annoy you).  

     Growing up, I never really questioned anything somebody told me. I took their words as truth, and continued on with my everyday life. My professors really enlightened me during my undergrad because they were able to make me question why I do things, and why I had certain perspectives. Often we make unconscious decisions and form unconscious opinions because it’s what our parents/grandparents/teachers had actually taught us, and we followed along without even realizing it. It actually stunned me how little thought I used to give towards everything.

#3) You have the opportunity to learn about a variety of topics.

     What I quickly learned to love about Sociology was how it incorporated so many topics like: education, gender, youth, mass media, families, politics, psychology, families, aging, organizational structures…etc. It really is a program that can interest a variety of people!

#4) Opportunities for community involvement.

     I specifically enrolled in a Sociology of Aging course that offered a community involvement component. Essentially this is a class that consists of a regular workload on top of volunteering. I chose to be a ‘Games Assistant’ at a local retirement residence and it was one of my most rewarding experiences of University. I loved it so much, I extended my volunteering past the course requirements, and even visited during the holidays.

#5) You will meet some pretty amazing people.

     Now this can be said for a lot of programs, but I think people who study Sociology (or the Humanities for that matter) are super special. I met some of the most diverse, kind hearted and passionate people in this program. I think people who choose to study Sociology have a genuine passion and care for people as a whole, and seek a need to understand others.

     Overall, I had the best experience studying Sociology, and I highly recommend it to anybody entering their Undergrad. This program will make you consider things that may not be so obvious in our everyday lives and completely change the way you view the world! Please leave a comment below telling me what subjects you are passionate about!



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