favourite youtubers of the moment

Anybody who knows me understands that I have an unhealthy obsession with YouTube. I hardly watch television anymore, and that’s because I can find all the entertainment I need online! This past year I was able to find my absolute favourite channels, and here they are…

#1) Allana Davison is a total Canadian badass. She spent the summer traveling Europe where she vlogged the whole trip, so if you have the travel bug and want some inspiration follow her vlog channel here. After finishing her undergrad in Calgary, she moved back to Vancouver…so if you crave some West Coast than she’s your girl. Allana also makes tons of great beauty and fashion videos but what sets her apart in the YouTube community is definitely her sense of humour!

#2) Madison MacDonald only started her channel towards the end of 2016 but she’s already taking the YouTube community by storm.  Not only is she one of my dearest friends, she is also one of my favourites because of her versatile content. With a passion for high fashion, Italy and all things feminism her “rant-style” videos are super interesting as she talks about the topics that need to be addressed. If you are looking into becoming an au pair, she has several story time videos about her experience in Italy that will explain the advantages and disadvantages of this job! Additionally, her vlog videos are ALSO funny because you get to see a glimpse of the wacky and weird Maddie we all love and know her to be at school. Subscribe to her channel, and leave comments, because you never know she JUST might respond.

#3) Erik Conover will give you major envy. He used to daily vlog, and still uploads quite frequently throughout the week of all his travels. He is currently in Bali, and the videos are absolutely breathtaking. Even when he’s between trips in either New York or Los Angeles, his vlogs are incredibly edited. He has officially mastered drone footage, and his clips seriously look like they could be vacation ads. I like that he also incorporates a lot of positive messages in his videos, and definitely takes his audience on a deeper level sharing his personal experiences and promoting his positive vibes.

#4) Olivia Jade is that cooler younger sister you always wish you had. You might know her mom Lori Loughlin from the sitcom Full House, or her dad Mossimo Giannullo (major designer)…but don’t let distract you from the fact that she is definitely marking her own path with her personal brand. She seems like one of the sweetest people, and despite her mega successful parents, she is super down to earth and that definitely comes across in her videos. She makes primarily beauty and fashion videos but has been starting to post some cooking videos which will have you drooling in no time!

#5) Meghan Rienks has been one of my YouTube favourites for a couple years now. However, I still don’t think she gets the recognition that she deserves. She is extremely creative and witty which makes for bizarre yet inspiring content. I do not know how she juggles being an actress, having a YouTube channel and being a HOMEOWNER in her early twenties. She is the definition of GOALS, and don’t get me started on how adorable Meghan and her boyfriend are…

Alright, that’s enough fan girling for one night. Please check out and subscribe to those channels. Feel free to leave a comment below with any suggestions of who I should watch!


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