I had the pleasure of finally visiting the West Coast of this beautiful country! I was born and raised loving the East Coast, but I must admit after all these years the West has stolen my heart. 

I was immediately blown away by the scenic views, as I have never seen a mountain before. (Yes I live in Ontario where the views are pretty much the same). I flew out to Calgary, and took a bus to Lake Louise to visit my best friend! I immediately grew accustomed to the slower pace of life out there, and appreciated the opportunity to relax and disconnect. Having experienced such a mild winter this year in Ontario, it was nice to actually see a decent amount of snow. It felt like I got to relive Christmas which was huge bonus (anybody who knows me, is aware of my addiction to Christmas).

The best thing about having a best friend who likes to plan is that everything was super organized. Since it was during my reading week, my trip was cut short to five days so we tried to jam as many touristy attractions as we could. We had the opportunity to skate on Lake Louise, visit the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, have high tea at Chateau Lake Louise, hike Johnston Canyon, see the Vermillion Lakes, visit a Buffalo Ranch in Golden B.C, and dog sled in Canmore. Without a doubt, it was easily one of my favourite vacations, because it was nice to catch up with Shannon and Julia and experience this winter wonderland! Feel free to follow me on instagram to see more pictures from the trip, or follow me on YouTube to see our travel videos part 1 and part 2!








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