5 Reasons to See Bastille Live

Do yourself a favor, and get a pair of tickets to see Bastille in concert at their Wild Wild World Tour. Or better yet, just grab yourself a ticket and go alone… Read More

Why I Chose To Study Sociology

        Well in total honesty, I didn’t originally apply to University with the hopes of majoring in Sociology. My original plan was Communication Studies, but after one year at Laurier I knew that program was not for me. I wasn’t feeling inspired or motivated and knew I was wasting a lot of time doing something I did not love, and that was definitely being reflected in my grades. With contemplation of dropping out, I was really struggling with trying to decide what path I should take. Read More

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favourite youtubers of the moment

Anybody who knows me understands that I have an unhealthy obsession with YouTube. I hardly watch television anymore, and that’s because I can find all the entertainment I need online! This past year I was able to find my absolute favourite channels, and here they are… Read More


I had the pleasure of finally visiting the West Coast of this beautiful country! I was born and raised loving the East Coast, but I must admit after all these years the West has stolen my heart.  Read More