music monday 02


After going on a little hiatus, I had to come back to my blog and take the opportunity to write about JOHN MAYER. Yes, my favourite musician of all time is coming back to the music business, and giving his fans new material! He announced on Twitter earlier this month that he would be releasing his new single, and the DAY HAS COME MY FRIENDS!

It has been three years since John has released any albums, but it has felt like 10 for me and I cannot wait for 2017 to get going so he can release his new album and kick off a tour! So after much anticipation, I am delighted to say that OLD JOHN MAYER IS BACK. Meaning, his old music styles are definitely reflected in this new single and I think a lot of his fans who have stuck by him for the past few years will be delighted. He also posted on his Facebook page a live video of when the song came out, where he does a short Q&A about the single, which will help you get an idea of his vision for the next record!

“Love on the Weekend” is out and ready for purchase folks! If you’ve been a fan of his in the past, than this will not disappoint. This single definitely has Battle Studies vibes, and old John Mayer is back and better than before. For new John Mayer fans, my homework for you is to listen to this single, and then go listen to his older albums specifically Battle Studies and Continuum (my personal favs) to get a taste of what he’s all about. Also, you need to follow him on snapchat @johnthekangaroo because he is a hilarious man, and his wit will make your day! Anyways, enough of me talking, hope you enjoy his new single as much as I did!


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