Estée My New Bestée

Estée Lalonde

Every week I will be posting about a new “influencer” that has inspired me in some way or another. This is basically just an opportunity to gush over my favourite content creators, artists, humans, or whatever I’m feeling that week!

So the first influencer I have chosen to discuss is OBVIOUSLY Estée Lalonde… because I had the opportunity to meet her last week (I’m still shaking of excitement!!). Okay, so technically she’s not my new “Bestée,” but for the sake of my ego let’s just pretend for a couple of minutes shall we?

Elle Canada hosted their #ECSTYLESEARCH wrap party last Thursday in Toronto where about 250 of us had the opportunity to get our makeup touched up by Smashbox makeup artists, and a manicure from the ladies at OPI. On top of this total pampering we had the chance to listen to a Q&A with Estée and actually MEET her to get her new book “Bloom” signed!



Okay, so I obviously read the book prior to this meeting because there was so much hype around it, and I just genuinely want to support Estée in every endeavor because she is the sweetest human! Don’t believe me? Check out her YouTube channel here. This book is ART. I swear, from cover to cover you can tell she poured her heart and soul into this book. If you’re a visual person, don’t you worry she includes tons of photographs from childhood to the present. The book is definitely inspiring for those twenty-somethings like myself who are still in the process of “blooming” into the best versions of ourselves. She fearlessly shares the ups and downs of experiences she has gone through with such honesty that makes you feel like you genuinely know who she is, and what she’s all about. Get off your ass and get this book people! You will NOT regret it!


Although our interaction was very brief, she was so kind and very complimentary. My friend Laura and I were at the back of the line, and Estée stayed late (past the planned time of 9pm) to make sure everybody got a chance to speak with her which I thought was extremely kind. When speaking to the crowd she was SO humble, which I thought was so refreshing… I swear if I was her I would be charging people to take pictures with me  (haha). Who she portrays herself on YouTube is such an accurate representation of who she is as a person which I think is an outstanding accomplishment, especially living in a society that tells us we have to appear a certain way.


On her YouTube channel she gives advice on life, fashion, beauty and often vlogs about everything in between. I think she is a fantastic role model for girls and if you have not checked out her channel, please do so and buy BLOOM! To find out more about Estée, follow her here: Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.


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