music monday 01

Austin Plaine

Every Monday I will be posting a few links to my current music favourites and this fine Monday is no exception. Having to commute to school for 8am classes are bearable with a good playlist (I promise!).

I recently discovered Austin Plaine’s music that was featured in an episode of Hart of Dixie (side note: if you’re looking for a good series to start, check this one out starring Rachel Bilson and Scott Porter for all you FNL fans). Back to what I was saying, Austin Plaines is a singer/songwriter from Minneapolis (see here).  His song “Never Come Back Again” has become an instant playlist favourite. This song in my opinion is best combined with a cup of coffee in the morning that will surely motivate you to get your day started. I would describe Austin as having the instrumentals of Jake Bugg and the smooth vocals of Mat Kearney.

My second music recommendation this week is “Tear in My Heart” by Twenty One Pilots. If the band name sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’ve heard “Stressed Out” played over a million times on the radio this past year. The band has been around for seven years and is by no means new, however this song comes from their album they released last year that is one of my favourites. This song reminds me of a Weezer/The Stokes combination that should be played in celebration on your way home from work or school.

Anyways that’s all for my first installment of Music Monday, check back next week for new songs to add to your playlists! Feel free to leave music suggestions in the comment section down below, or tell me what you think about these two!


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