Estée My New Bestée

Estée Lalonde

Every week I will be posting about a new “influencer” that has inspired me in some way or another. This is basically just an opportunity to gush over my favourite content creators, artists, humans, or whatever I’m feeling that week!

So the first influencer I have chosen to discuss is OBVIOUSLY Estée Lalonde… Read More

music monday 01

Austin Plaine

Every Monday I will be posting a few links to my current music favourites and this fine Monday is no exception. Having to commute to school for 8am classes are bearable with a good playlist (I promise!).

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“you had me at hello”


Hello, I’m Taylor! I’m a post graduate marketing student learning to navigate life as an average ‘twenty something’! I don’t take myself too seriously, and this website is just a creative outlet where I can share with you what makes me happy, in hopes that it can add to your happiness too. Read More