5 Reasons to See Bastille Live

Do yourself a favor, and get a pair of tickets to see Bastille in concert at their Wild Wild World Tour. Or better yet, just grab yourself a ticket and go alone… Read More

Why I Chose To Study Sociology

        Well in total honesty, I didn’t originally apply to University with the hopes of majoring in Sociology. My original plan was Communication Studies, but after one year at Laurier I knew that program was not for me. I wasn’t feeling inspired or motivated and knew I was wasting a lot of time doing something I did not love, and that was definitely being reflected in my grades. With contemplation of dropping out, I was really struggling with trying to decide what path I should take. Read More

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favourite youtubers of the moment

Anybody who knows me understands that I have an unhealthy obsession with YouTube. I hardly watch television anymore, and that’s because I can find all the entertainment I need online! This past year I was able to find my absolute favourite channels, and here they are… Read More


I had the pleasure of finally visiting the West Coast of this beautiful country! I was born and raised loving the East Coast, but I must admit after all these years the West has stolen my heart.  Read More

music monday 02


After going on a little hiatus, I had to come back to my blog and take the opportunity to write about JOHN MAYER. Yes, my favourite musician of all time is coming back to the music business, and giving his fans new material! He announced on Twitter earlier this month that he would be releasing his new single, and the DAY HAS COME MY FRIENDS!

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American Music Awards 2016


Honestly the one award show I look forward to watching every year is the AMA’s because it is always the most entertaining for me. Usually I stop watching award shows half way through because they start to get boring, or maybe I really just don’t have the attention span to sit still for that long… Read More

Estée My New Bestée

Estée Lalonde

Every week I will be posting about a new “influencer” that has inspired me in some way or another. This is basically just an opportunity to gush over my favourite content creators, artists, humans, or whatever I’m feeling that week!

So the first influencer I have chosen to discuss is OBVIOUSLY Estée Lalonde… Read More

music monday 01

Austin Plaine

Every Monday I will be posting a few links to my current music favourites and this fine Monday is no exception. Having to commute to school for 8am classes are bearable with a good playlist (I promise!).

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